We're stronger together

Will you step in for child victims and donate to show that we are all in this together?

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Will you step in for child victims and donate to show that we are all in this together?

During all the challenges of 2020, your kindness and support have gotten us through. Because of you, 1,135 children have been served already in 2020. It has never been clearer that together, we are better.

Together, we are stronger. Together, we can and will continue the fight to eradicate child abuse.

Together, we have…

spent the pandemic focusing on protecting children who were not safe at home during the shutdowns and during subsequent quarantines. Your continued support helped us create an outreach program to teach children how to communicate with trusted adults when they felt unsafe at home. The prevention program was adapted for distanced learning, so that children from kindergarten to high school can receive body safety information regardless of their classroom setting.

Together, we have…

continued to serve reported child victims of abuse and violence. Because children were away from their safe adults, reports of child abuse drastically declined. This is not because the abuse has stopped. The abuse continues; hidden at home. Emergent cases, where children are in imminent danger, have risen much higher. Whether daytime or night, Susie’s Place together with the local investigating teams, serve these families and give their all to ensure children are safe.

Together, we have…


More children need our help. Susie’s Place has been requested to extend our service area and provide forensic interviews and ongoing support for even more children across the state of Indiana. This has been paired with an unforeseen budget decrease in state funds resulting from the current economic downturn. We are confident that with your help, together, we can be there for child victims and commit even more resources to those that desperately need Susie’s Place.

We need you. Will you step in for child victims and donate to show that we are all in this together? When you partner with Susie’s Place, you are a part of the team of donors, volunteers, staff members, and multidisciplinary team members that work together to protect children. Together, Susie’s Place Child Advocacy Centers will serve victimized children and be stronger than ever before. Please join me as we take on 2021 stronger together.

Lastly, monthly subscription donations budget your gift—for you and us! A gift of $25.00 a month provides necessary supplies for a child forensic interview.